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Featured Comfort Dishes

Pulled Pork Tacos

BBQ smothered pulled pork, pico, house made tangy slaw, & bacon drizzled in 49's Cowboy Sauce

CBR Tacos
(Chicken. Bacon. Ranch.)

The trifecta of flavors: chicken, bacon, and ranch paired with slaw and shredded cheese on a flour tortilla

Vegan Tacos

A taco loaded with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and shredded carrots on a flour tortilla


51's Famous Sloppy Deviled Eggs

Delicious, creamy whipped egg yolks traditionally topped in paprika. These scrumptious eggs are famous in our family and soon yours too.

Classic Macs

51's Classic Mac

A traditional baked mac and cheese with elbow noodles tossed in a creamy sauce and topped in 51’s special blend of cheeses that recreates the undeniable taste of home


Naked Mac

Simple cheesy, creamy mac with 51’s special blend of cheeses

Create Your Own!

Get creative!

Start with our naked mac and make any mac creation you desire with our fresh ingredients!


Chicken, BBQ Pork, Bacon, Sautéed Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Pickled Jalapenos, 49’s Cowboy Sauce, Buffalo Sauce,  Parmesan Blend, or Cheddar Blend.

Signature Macs


Our naked mac mixed with a parmesan blend topped in slow roasted BBQ pork, crumbled bacon, pico, and house made 49’s Cowboy Sauce™

Presto! Pesto Mac

A trip to the tuscan country side in every bite. A garlic infused mac mixed with homemade basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and topped in Italian cheeses.


A crowd favorite! Chicken, bacon, and ranch over our garlic infused mac.

Portobello Mac

Sautéed mushrooms and onions paired with garlic infused mac & cheese topped in a parmesan blend



Vanilla / Chocolate / Carrot

Old Fashion Banana Pudding


Sweet & Tangy Slaw

Fruit Cup